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    1311, 2014

    Are Robots Taking Over?

    Video Clip> Top Robots of 2014

    Robots have advanced greatly in recent years. Processors, sensors and other technology is now making it easier to design a robt that could change society and change how people live. Scientists are now working through many road blocks that twill make it easier to realize that dream.

    Walking running, jumping and balancing has recently been only made possible.




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    1311, 2014

    Rosetta Comet Made History today 11/12/2014

    Rosetta space craft landing on astroid


    “We praise ESA on their effective getting on a comet today,” claimed John Grunsfeld, rocketeer and also associate supervisor for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

    “The engineers and scientists which’ve come below have actually been actually thinking about our lifestyle, joining us for petitions, doing the depleting periodically,” he stated.

    Experts in Canberra as well as Perth have actually additionally commemorated their function in the comet getting.

    Deep area antennas in Australia offered important back up interactions as the craft made its origin.

    Obtaining from Earth to a comet that is taking a trip to the Sun at 18 kilometres each secondly was a site precede design and also holy maths.

    “So due to the exceptionally reduced degree of gravitational force, we could bounce off quite effortlessly.”.

    NASA hailed the getting as a “advance minute” in the past history of room expedition.

    Mr Powers explained the task as a “extremely delighted marital relationship”.

    “Of training course I want to claim it’s stunningly great and also excellent design, yet I believe a little bit of good luck was included, obviously.

    The lander, called Philae, left the Rosetta spacecraft and also after a seven-hour origin, researchers at ESA verified its protected getting on the surface area of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, following 3:00 am AEDT.

    Philae was developed to settle at a mild 3.5 kilometres each hr, shooting 2 harpoons in the hope that the comet’s surface area would certainly offer it hold while it carries out a variety of medical experiments.

    New Norcia’s excellent climate and also reduced radio disturbance made it the best area to organize the meal yet researchers had one difficulty to get rid of. The community was the home of Roman Catholic monks.

    Researchers really hope the lander, furnished with 10 tools, will certainly open the keys of comets – primordial collections of ice as well as dirt that could have aided plant life in the world.

    “We call our display the ‘joy meter’ when that takes place.”.

    The group had actually previously uncovered that the thruster aboard the lander, developed to assist it anchor to the area, was not operating appropriately as well as were “considering refire choices”.

    Monk Dom Chris Powers keeps in mind the initial see well.

    “Another signal which could transfer throughout the comet like an X-ray, [will certainly] do exactly what we call tomography.”.

    “Philae is speaking with us,” stated Stephan Ulamec, the lander’s supervisor.

    The $US1.6-billion Rosetta objective was accepted in 1993.

    “We will certainly be gauging gases as well as product of the area of the comet … an acoustic sounder which will certainly do seismology as well as finder dimensions.

    The getting is the orgasm of a 10-year objective and also was stuffed with threat, provided the unidentified surface area landscapes of the comet.

    “This success stands for an advancement minute in the expedition of our solar system as well as a turning point for worldwide teamwork.”.

    After a 6 billion kilometre quest, the Rosetta spacecraft has actually lastly arrived on a comet to send its discoveries back to Earth as well as send out the mark of mankind via area, creates Alan Duffy.
    “We consistently have just what we call expert exhilaration when there is a task to do,” he claimed.

    “We need to recognize specifically where we land, just how did we land”, including even more must be recognized in “a couple of hrs”.

    “It’s been among one of the most astonishing outcomes ever before precede expedition past history. We’ve transformed sci-fi right into science simple fact today and also the outcome has actually been simply extraordinary,” he claimed.

    “We need to analyze exactly what is the real circumstance.

    Both covered 6.5 billion kilometres with each other just before the splitting up just before the getting.

    “I truly could not share to you just how excellent the implementation from the spacecraft was, as well as our getting, our company believe, is within half-a-metre of where we anticipated ahead down, where initially we were informed maybe hundreds of metres away. The getting has actually basically been magnificent, I cannot stress that sufficient.

    “We are honored to be a component of this historical day as well as anticipate getting important information,” he stated.

    The historical comet getting is being hailed as a “advance minute” precede expedition. Just what’s your response?
    Opening the keys of comets.

    Rosetta’s Australian link.

    “But right from the start, our Abbot at the time believed we’re all after the exact same points – the reality, the huge concerns as well as keeping that, there truly was no dispute.”.

    “We absolutely validate that the lander is on the surface area,” stated Andrea Accomazzo, air travel procedures supervisor.

    Researchers have actually efficiently landed a probe on the area of a comet in a historical very first for area expedition, the European Area Firm (ESA) states.

    Review the obstacles dealing with Rosetta in its effort to capture a comet as well as land a probe on it.
    Rosetta, bring Philae, was lifted right into area in 2004, as well as took greater than a years to reach its target in August this year, having actually made use of the gravitational pull of Earth and also Mars as slingshots to develop rate.

    The firm stated the probe could not be firmly secured to the comet after an evident problem with its getting harpoons.

    “The harpoons did not fire that we were anticipating to take place surface area – it’s so soft that it really did not set off the harpoon system, we are evaluating that.

    “We will certainly be piercing right into the area as well as bring up … unmodified product from the extremely things of the solar system, 4.5 billion years back.

    Sydney designer Warwick Holmes aided develop the spacecraft as well as stated individuals had actually been “yelling” they were so delighted with the effective getting.

    “We are on the comet.”.

    “We had some individuals state to us: ‘Aren’t you stressed they might find there’s no person up there?’.

    “It was a surprise to us.

    Glen Nagle from the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex claimed there were splits of happiness as the goal was finished.

    “This is a large action for human civilisation,” stated the company’s supervisor general, Jean-Jacques Dordain, as a group of visitors, vips as well as researchers praised and also supported in comfort.

    He additionally kept in mind that 3 United States room firm tools were on board Rosetta to map the comet’s core and also look for indicators of water.



    Mission Accomplished: ESA’s Rosetta Spacecraft Lands Probe on a Comet

    “The gravitational force on the comet is a 1/50,000 th of a G. The 100 kg lander on Earth considers 2 grams on the comet which is the mass of half a sheet of paper.

    “It took 7 hrs for us to wander down the 20 kilometres to strike the surface area as well as we have some signs that we could have also bounced, there could have been one bounce, merely from a few of the information we are entering the prior couple of hrs.

    “There are some signs that they could not have actually been discharged, which might indicate that we are resting in soft product as well as we are not secured,” Mr Ulamec stated.

    He claimed the following 3 days would certainly be made use of to carry out extensive science experiments utilizing the lander’s innovative tools.

    Going after a comet with area.

    “It was a surprise to us.

    Throughout the important affair stage of Rosetta’s goal previously this year, a 600-tonne, 35-metre dish antenna 2 hrs beyond Perth assisted to provide the clearest signal of the whole objective.

    “We cannot be healthier compared to exactly what we we are now.”.

    “I’m certain there was a minute of pleasure and also absolutely a feeling of satisfaction enjoying individuals over at the goal command centre in Europe as the spacecraft put down.

    The billion buck dart attacks its target.


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    1311, 2014

    Sharing is Everything

    Participation of like-minded communities in data recording and collection is today flawless thanks to the digital development of web and also mobile technologies. This progress has made it possible for amateur scientists including curious observers to easily engage in data collection and handling.

    There are certain apps developed by global agencies such as the EEA – European Environment Agency that promote both citizen science and crowdsourcing. According to EEA, citizen science is defined as; an organized research where members of the public gather or analyze data. The public may or may not be experts of any kind.

    NoiseWatch is a mobile app that utilizes crowdsourcing giving users the rare opportunity of providing online ratings based on the current noise levels. The 2008 WaterWatch and the AirWatch which was released in 2009 also use crowdsourcing to complement data based on individual observations.

    NatureWatch is another great invention developed to allow citizens to report any case of invasive foreign species in places like Europe including learning about certain set of species. There is also the latest MarineWatch application which utilizes citizen science to collect monitoring data across the Europe’s beaches as well as coastal marine litter.

    The recent Eye on Earth user conference saw the commitment of the organization to citizen science as witnessed in the written agreement of the Dublin Statement. It was then that the participating communities settled that they will continue with the process of collaborating with the rest on the Eye on Earth Network to ensure that they promote, support and most importantly improve data access and development for a sustainable growth.

    There is also participation in specific initiatives where one is required to collaborate on related technical advancement. It is for this reason that citizen science offers a highly exceptional platform where people or communities convene meetings and build capacities across network. To expand its research and app technology, the organization has opted to use whichardio tradelines to build business credit portfolio that were for sale during the first quarter. The tradelines have contributed greatly to the app project.

    The above tradelines have encouraged the development of citizen science due to the fact that each is super handy when it comes to building credit score. For the apps to be developed, the company has to spend a lot as far as research and time are concerned. These credit lines ensure that a company builds its credit line to paint a good payment picture for investors to spend their wealth. The application process is simple and the pre-approval process prompt, so as to show whether or not your business qualifies for a tradeline service.

    Eye on Earth Network has in deed simplified the process of data and information handling. Different data collection and management apps have simplified the process making it possible for citizens to engage in the science. Infusing more funds on research which can only be done once you build business credit getting a good credit score will without doubt enable the development of newer and even more effective apps to encourage more public participation in the science.

    Eye On Earth Network — Committed To Citizen Science

    The digital development of web and mobile technologies have resulted to many pros that have seen data issues such as data recording and collection reduced to bare bones through crowdsourcing.

    According to the one of several agencies using apps to promote citizen science as well as crowdsourcing, EEA citizen science’ is a particular type of research that is well organized, with the major players being members of the public – in other words, citizens – either gathering or analyzing data. Note that the citizens do not have to be experts; any one can take part.

    NoiseWatch is one such app developed to give internet users unique experience by utilizing crowdsourcing where online ratings will be provided based on current noise levels. Crowdsourcing is today an internet trend that has lifted many business ideas to major enterprises be enlisted as movers and shakers of world economy.

    The introduction of Waterwatch and AirWatch in 2008 and 2009 respectively meant that the public was now involved in the process of data collection and management. These two used the platform to complement data, which was done according to individual observations. NatureWatch was later developed to allow citizens to learn about certain species and report in case they came across any invasive or foreign species. Having the same concept as NatureWatch, MarineWatch does the same purpose but the difference is easy: Marine for water and Nature for land. These apps have been explored in Europe including other areas in the world.

    Another major invention is field service management software; an effective app used by organizations to encourage seamless operations to ensure that there is competitive handling of important tasks and documents. This is the answer to many problems caused by thousands of paperwork, inefficiency and worst of all – incompetency. A good example is, when Eye on Earth Network utilized the macgraphoto.com app to ease field operations with citizens who were helping to map Canada.

    The recent user conference held by Eye on Earth was a major eye-opener to citizen science. It was then that a written agreement labeled the Dublin Statement was tabled where the organization agreed to commit themselves even more developing application systems engaging the public in data handling activities. Participatory communities also agreed to continue working with the network to ensure there is better access to data. During the first quarter, Eye on Earth opted to use fast and effective whichradio tradelines to build business credit portfolio; and the tradelines together with citizen science have since contributed greatly to the app project making them reliable and best of all, credit worthy.

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